July 28, 2014

How To Make An American Quilt (In A Month)

Remember that movie? I think about it once in a while... I had no idea about quilting when I saw it in the cinema, but I was SO furious when she decided to drape the beautiful quilt over her damn shoulders, dragging it around the farm, and completely dirtying the WHITE edges. Furious. It's been almost 20 years and I'm still furious. 

But I digress...

Look at this! It's pretty and makes my eyes happy! 

We had friends over for a late-night dessert sesh because I made this Nutella Cheesecake that we still talk about because holy shit it's so damn good. I might've bought more cream cheese so I can accidentally make more. I keep digressing... this is what it's like in my brain, you guys. Bet you feel bad for the hubs right now! Anyway, on their way out the door, they mentioned that their friend was getting married mid-September and could I make a wedding quilt?

I love these ding dongs, so I didn't punch them but said yes instead. But I can do it? I can do it! Much confidence!!

After a lot of back and forth, we finally decided on a pattern. Well, they did... I just said yes, I can do it. They scoured the interwebs and this quilt by Beth Copeland got the nod from them and me. I don't know why I nodded... I have to make it queen-sized, so it's going to need 400 HSTs. I need help. Like literal help... I told my friend she might need to come over and trim HSTs lol!

BUT I CAN DO THIS...!!! I hope?

It started with green, then teal and yellow joined the party :) Yay! I'm very excited for this quilt and I hope it turns out great!

I actually cannot stop taking photos of this stack.

Seriously. I can't stop. 

The hubs said he loved it too and I think he finally understands why I pet fabric. Because LOOK AT IT. Okay, I need to shut up and get down to business. 

And make that cheesecake. Do it. DO IT. 

July 25, 2014

Scrappy Baby Quilt

I love this quilt so much, and it's entirely made from scraps and orphan HSTs and flying geese blocks!! This is why my sewing room's a mess... I don't throw things out and just let them collect in a giant pile on my cutting table. 

Making this quilt was super fun because there was no planning involved... Sew this to that and then this and then that and TADA!

That racoon face (from Acacia by Tula Pink) peeking out makes me giddy hehe I don't know what it was doing on my cutting table, but I had to include it. There's a lot of DS in there (of course) and other random lovelies I've used in the last few months.

Apparently I have a lot of orphan flying geese blocks. These ones are part of a quilt that'll appear in a book sometime in the future.

For the back, I used one of my favourite DS prints... yellow grid with gorgeous pops of orange and pink flowers. Be still, my heart :) And the binding is a hot pink dot by Dear Stella which I also love a great deal. I used it because I wanted something to frame the whole quilt, and I thought it was one of the few things that would actually stand out, given all the brights in the quilt.

It's currently available in the shop :)

July 20, 2014

It Only Took A Year

We got art on the wall, ya'll! It only took an entire year! Yay! High five!

I don't know why we kept putting it off... I think after we moved in, we kind of couldn't be stuffed anymore and eventually forgot about the decorating part. So that's the wall in our living room... a bit of love for NYC / Brooklyn, Lisa Congdon, The Black Apple, Marc Johns, a hilarious Batman / Joy Division (Ian Curtis) mash-up, and one my sis gave me that I've absolutely no clue who it's by. She also gave me the Marc Johns one because that's what our tattoos are based on :)

I've thrown a quilt over the sofa because it is cooler than sitting on microsuede in the summer. Gah is it September yet?! Although, mercifully, the weather has been lovely the last few days!

It also took an entire year to finally change out the hideous light fixture in the dining room. And only because the stupid rotary dimmer decided to get stuck in the on position. It was original to the house, so we've now had it changed out and join modern times, so we thought we'd get the light fixture swopped out at the same time. 

By the way, if I'm being honest, it took about nine months for us to decide on dining chairs. We finally used the dining table for its intended purpose this week. I have no excuse. Moving on...

This one's in our bedroom, taken on the day we actually got married. 11am on a Wednesday in his parents' living room. Romantic.

This print is also in our bedroom :) I'm very aware of the grammatical horror of this print, but I really don't care. It's awesome and I like it. And now we get to stare at it from our bed for... like... ever. 

The library overfloweth. We need another shelf ALREADY. It's a sickness. This is the view the hubs has from his desk. I think it's a pretty lovely view, especially when I appear in the hallway, inexplicably dancing or making faces.

I don't know if you can see it, but there's an orange book on the top left corner, on the shelf. We went to a rare and used bookshop and the hubs found this phone directory from 1961 that had his grandparents' contact info marked. What are the odds?! So of course he had to come home with it hehe 

And yes, those are my Mr Potato Heads on top of the shelf. Spud Trooper, Darth Tater, Artoo Potatoo and Opti-Mash Prime. Oh, and Lenore, Mr Gosh and Ragamuffin. I'm classy, what can I say?

The 'Get Our Art On The Walls Already!' project started last weekend when we dragged everything we had up from the basement. I even found some prints I'd ordered and had never framed, so we took a trip to the shop to get some frames. The hubs has decided that he detests frame shopping more than anything in the history of the world. Wah wah. 

There are some prints that still need to go on the wall but I can't decide where they should go, and if I still like the frames. I've got a couple of cross-stitch pieces I did (American Pastoral and Starry, Starry Night) and I honestly don't know where to put them. So rather than slap things on the wall just to get it done, I'm going to place them here in the corner of the living room while I walk around with the frames to see what rooms / hallways I like them in. I might need psychiatric help fairly soon.

And that mirror... well... here's the thing. If I hang it, the hubs can only see his chest. If the hubs hangs it, I'll see maybe three hairs from the top of my head (humidity and frizz... what a bastard). I'm thinking perhaps it should go on the wall along the stairs so I can stand on the stair and use it while the hubs can use binoculars and use it in the hallway. The trials and tribulations of being 14" shorter than your husband...

And just to prove that I sometimes go outside, here are some things my front yard grew! This is some purple stuff!

And this is some white stuff!

The white stuff attracts many fat bumble bees!

There's also tiger lilies (I mean orange stuff!) but one of the bees looked like it was trying to plot my demise, so I decided to retreat.

OH! And there are more itty bitty baby birds! Man, they're ugly right now.

June 27, 2014

What Shade Are You Blog Hop And Giveaway

Months ago, RJR Fabrics asked if I'd like some solids to play with and then blog about. Umm, yes please.

I've always loved RJR's cottons. Having worked in a quilt shop for over four years, I've had the privilege of handling a lot of different fabrics, and these just have a wonderful hand, so nice and soft. 

For my project, I chose the colours 265, 337, 221, 237, 217, 218, 169, 280, 292, 274, 283, 351 and 341.

In all honestly, I'd started something else completely scrappy... and then scrapped it. It looked very, very odd to me for some reason. I don't even remember what I did, I just remember not liking it at all.

Thankfully I hadn't gotten far, so I ended up making courthouse steps (what else is new!?) and thought the solids would do really well with bunching them in fours so it looks very graphic. I used prints for the centres so that it would give it a little interest, and I used a sketch fabric for one of the light greys. Mainly because I'd run out of colour combos and fabric. So now, it's a design element hehehe!

I think it'd make an awesome picnic quilt... if only I went on picnics or could bring myself to put the quilt on the ground and sit on it lol Maybe an indoor picnic with the hubs :) He's cute, I'll let him sit on the quilt and eat something... not drippy...

I used a sketch for binding too because I just love it for a binding nothing else seems to work. Plus I'd run out of solids, remember? Hehe!

If you'd like to have a peek at the wonderful projects my fellow quilters have made, you can go to the RJR Facebook page and have a browse :) And if you'd like to buy these yummy solids, Pink Castle Fabrics has a lovely selection! 

RJR Fabrics are very kindly giving away a FQ bundle of the solids I used so please leave a comment (with your email address!!!) if you'd like to win it! The giveaway is only open to US and Canada -- my sincere apologies, international peeps! I'll pick a winner at the end of next week! Good luck! :)


The winner of the FQ bundle is Bethany Martini! Congratulations!!!

June 24, 2014

Summer Has Landed

Not being a huge fan of summer, I have to concentrate on the good bits. Like fresh strawberries picked by friends and gifted to us the very same day. This thing should have smell-a-vision, because holy hell, they smell glorious. 

I thought I'd killed the petunias because I'm horrendous with plants. What had happened was all the blooms decided to go byebye at once, so I assumed I'll done something wrong and they were dead. But then here they are, blooming and being all pretty :) Sigh.

Perhaps I should've planted more... but that's for next summer. I'm done planting. Touching soil once a year is more than enough for this chick. 

The marigolds are blooming too :) Although I'm very upset at the bird who decided to shit on them. Thanks bird. Thanks a lot.

Mmmm salvia :) Love the purple against the green! 

The bestest thing was finding more eggs in the little nest!!! All the baby birds had flown away a couple of weeks ago, and we just popped our heads in to see if it was indeed still empty, only to find FOUR little eggs in there!!! Does anyone know if it's the same mama bird or has this become a rental property? Hehe Either way, we have more baby birds to look forward to! They'd better not shit on my flowers...


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